Saturday, July 30, 2011

Palo Verde | Cinder Cone (split) [GRD|002]

One side is the female duo Palo Verde from (Portland OR) and they're just making it up as it goes along... literally. The girls improvise heavy, psychedelic jams that come to life without any preconceived structure or format, building a wall of thundering drums and sludgy guitars, only to bring it crashing down in waves of noise and long-suffering cymbals

The other side is another two-piece minimalist rock outfit Cinder Cone from (Los Angeles, CA), emit a thunderous sound of octopus drumming and innovative fretwork that weave together to place the listener on a propulsive freeway one minute only to drop them off in a placid field, capping off the journey with an earthquake of drum rolls and precisely controlled feedback.

$8 for 40 minutes of music by two awesome bands on one tape.
Limited: 225 total. All silk screened, hand cut, sewed, then attached & stitched printed art. Collage art by: Joe McKay, album design and layout by: Bradly Head (Yldarb)

85 Clear Tinted Red/Red Spray Paint
85 Solid Olive Green/Green Spray Paint
55 Clear Gray/Various Colors Spray Painted


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  1. Sounds amazing, ordered mine and can't wait to drive around with it in my tape deck.