Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012


hey everyone we now have an actual website you can now visit at make purchases and listen to all of our releases at. We're still going to try and maintain this page and keep everyone updated for all the bloggers who do follow this blog. For more news and info on the bands we work with you could either follow us on twitter or go to our facebook page and click like.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Knalpot: Sauce [GRD|004]

Knalpot: Sauce

Also for the 1st time on cassette tape in the U.S. we issued limited 200 releases of Knalpot "Sauce" (2011). with a all new album art, interpreted onto cassette design taken from the original album photo by: Raphael Vanoli that was printed, placed onto individually silk screened and hand cut envelope boxes all designed and done by: (Yldarb) Bradly Head.

Knalpot is from Amsterdam, they're an experimental electronic rock duo that consist of analog drums, guitar, bass, casio and electronics: delivering multiple elements blooming from drawn out notes drowning in a wave of cymbals, into chaotic and stiff robotic sounds, often layered with gritty & sludgy bass tones, keeping it all together with break-beat grooves that then explodes with aggressive math rock percussions.

An explosive blend of Fennesz, Jonny Greenwood & Aardvarck.
-Viral Radio

Knalpot: Serious Outtakes [GRD|003]

Finally released in the U.S. for the first time on cassette tape is Knalpot's debut (2009) release "Serious Outtakes" limited to 200 all individually water colored, silk screened, then hand cut. Art design is by: Nika Nika. For the cassette tape packaging: layout/design, screen printed, and all hand cut by: Bradly Head (Yldarb)

On drums, Gerri Jäger, known from extensively touring avant-funk band Brown vs Brown. Jäger extended his instrument with a set of signature percussion and an effect-box for dubs and loops. Raphael Vanoli is a guitarist working in the fields of jazz, rock, electronics and contemporary classical music. He plays a set-up of analogue effect boxes and loopers, using prepared guitar techniques. Austrian Gerri and German/French Raphael met in 2006 at the Amsterdam Jazz Conservatory and founded Knalpot. They have been touring all over Europe. The combination of their high level musicianship, experimental arrangements and set-up makes Knalpot one of the most progressive and interesting 'bands' out there.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Palo Verde | Cinder Cone (split) [GRD|002]

One side is the female duo Palo Verde from (Portland OR) and they're just making it up as it goes along... literally. The girls improvise heavy, psychedelic jams that come to life without any preconceived structure or format, building a wall of thundering drums and sludgy guitars, only to bring it crashing down in waves of noise and long-suffering cymbals

The other side is another two-piece minimalist rock outfit Cinder Cone from (Los Angeles, CA), emit a thunderous sound of octopus drumming and innovative fretwork that weave together to place the listener on a propulsive freeway one minute only to drop them off in a placid field, capping off the journey with an earthquake of drum rolls and precisely controlled feedback.

$8 for 40 minutes of music by two awesome bands on one tape.
Limited: 225 total. All silk screened, hand cut, sewed, then attached & stitched printed art. Collage art by: Joe McKay, album design and layout by: Bradly Head (Yldarb)

85 Clear Tinted Red/Red Spray Paint
85 Solid Olive Green/Green Spray Paint
55 Clear Gray/Various Colors Spray Painted


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jah Connery: Killa Tape [GRD|001]


Detroit Producer/Emcee Jah Connery of numerous Hip-Hop groups has stepped out of his element to recorded 30 minutes of instrumental, avant garde, break beats that consistently bloom from beautiful, erie sounds into intense hectic noises, laid over smooth and stylish grooves.

$8 Limited: 200 total. All silk screened hand cut.
All art, silk screening and package design by: Bradly Head (Yldarb).

Please remember there is 2 different designs: Left hand/ Right hand.
All tapes come with a free download of the album in its entirety.

100 Yellow with Silver Metallic ink.
90 smokey brown with copper metallic ink.
10 stock brown with copper metallic ink. (SOLD OUT)